22st IFIP Conference - e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society

I3E 2023

Curitiba, Brazil - 9/11 of November, 2023

Theme: New Sustainable Horizons in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Solutions

Leading technologies that contribute to sustainable development has been an agenda related to the United Nations 2030 sustainable development goals. In this sense, artificial intelligence tools and digital solutions can contribute to social impact actions supporting economic development and the environment.

Concerns about the ethics of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it changes working relationships brings a debate to new organizational, technological and disruptive models. Investigating these actions guides sustainable development for public and private companies where the replacement of manual work by automation is taking place in more operational sectors.

Digital solutions have changed relationships through social networks, work connections with the massive use of technologies such as instant messengers. Concerns lead us if this is something sustainable for the future of generations. Excessive dissemination of information can lead to shallower communication, without digital-mediated depth.

Promoting the debate on AI initiatives and digital solutions at the 22th IFIP will bring new sustainable horizons to people in the public sector, companies, startups and the general population. Submit your research and come and debate for a more digital sustainable future. To this end, we invite scholars, practitioners and research students to submit and present their papers and findings. Theoretical and empirical papers employing quantitative, qualitative, and/or critical methods are welcomed.

Have Interested? Contact me: luiz.junior@up.edu.br



Potential Journals - Invited

Venue - Positivo University - Business School (BSUP)

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