Poster Sessions

Some articles were borderline in the conference presentation. In this sense, the PC Chair committee decided to invite good articles that were not approved at the conference to be presented in poster format.

The aim of this presentation is to improve research by presenting other researchers, journal editors and potential feedback during the event.

At the conference there will be some moments when all participants will go to the building's hall to check out all the posters, remembering that one of them could be awarded as the best poster at the conference, through an anonymous in-person evaluation.

Is your poster on the list? Guarantee your presentation now by editing it in the template format and send it to the link by: October 17th.

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Is your poster on the list? Guarantee your presentation now by editing it in the template format and send it to the link by: October 17th.

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List of Poster - Invited

ID 12 - Strategic Planning Used by Brazilian Municipalities as Management Tool for the Development of Smart Cities

Authors: Cruz, Bernardini, Nunes, Bastos

ID 20 - Agronomic Images Based Deep Learning Model for Water Footprint Prediction in Industrial Agriculture

Authors: Erick Martin Fiestas Sorogastua

ID 26 - Assessing the capabilities of Large Language Model Artificial Intelligence algorithms to address mathematics engineer competencies: a reflection and perspectives

Authors: Vilanova, Diógenes

ID 27 - Amazon fund: technology for sustainable development

Authors: Strapazzon, Wandscheer

ID 38 - Human-AI Interaction: Anthropomorphization of ChatGPT

Authors: Simas

ID 41 - Mapping Communication Channels in General Ombudsman Offices of Brazilian State Capitals

Authors: Zahn, Viterbo, Maciel, Bernardini, Mourao

ID 42 - Enhancing Freight and Emergency Freight in the Supply Chain: A Data-Driven Approach

Authors: Albano, De Lima, Reynoso-Meza

ID 46 - Investigating Communicability Issues Regarding LGPD-Compliant Consent Request

Authors: Nunes da Silva, da Silva, C. de Castro Salgado

ID 48 - Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education

Authors: da Silva, Ferro, Viterbo

ID 49 - An Artificial Intelligence Technologies Approach for Talent Retention

Authors: Seixas, da Silva, Seixas, Bernardini, Viterbo

ID 50 - Technological development challenges for a safe behavior program in biosafety in contexts of climate change

Authors: Barros-Delben, Barros-Delben, Cruz, Barros-Delben

ID 51 - Exploring User Privacy in Smart Homes – the case of Digital Ecosystems

Authors: Bagheri, Jacobsson, Davidsson

ID 56 - The social impact of artificial intelligence: a Short Review

Authors: Vissotto, Barbosa, Pinheiro

ID 61 - Framework for the development of Dynamic Capabilities for digital transformation

Authors: Plantes Pavloski, Figueredo Rocha, Deschamps, de Freitas Rocha Loures, Quandt

ID 62 - Risk and Protective Factors for Behavioral Safety at Work: Contributions to Training Mediated by Virtual Reality

Authors: Knapik, Velásquez Carvalho, Hughes Carvalho, Moraes Cruz, Lennert Silva

ID 63 - Digital Twin oriented to manufacturing supply chains in industry 4.0: a conceptual framework

Authors: de Jesus Correia Filho, Oscar Bebitez Nara, Canciglieri Junior

ID 65 - Urban Management and Technologies: Towards Effi-cient Implementation of City Information Modeling Systems

Authors: Pereira, Prokopiuk, Canciglieri Junior