Positivo University - Business School (BSUP)

Ecoville Campus - Conference is in: Graduate Building (PhD/MSc) 

Parking / Uber & Taxi: E8

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Conference is in: 19 - Graduate Building (PhD/MSc)

Lunch (optional) is in between: 14 and 15

Parking use and call Uber/Taxi: E8

Graduate Building (PhD/MSc) - Map = 19  

2nd Second Floor

About Positivo University

Established in 1988 Positivo University ( ) is a for-profit private higher-education institution a large Brazilian higher education institution (uniRank enrollment range: 10,000-14,999 students). The Business School (BSUP) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees, bachelor (BSc.) degrees, master (MSc.) degrees and (PhD) doctorate degrees in several areas of study. 

The research focus at Business School is innovation, sustainability, strategy and organizational studies. In the PhD program has a Lab about Artificial Intelligence in Business ( ).

Located in the South Region of Brazil. The Curitiba smart city ( ) is strategic to the investment in new ventures, and for this reason, it is the third capital with more business-related visits, just behind São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro. With an area of 435 km2, Curitiba is situated within 100 km of two ports: Paranaguá and Antonina. Also includes the International Airport Afonso Pena in the metropolitan region, only 15km from downtown, for lighter aircraft.


Curitiba is in a strategic position in relation to the capitals of the Mercosur countries, the Southern Common Market that includes Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, which facilitates the promotion and support of new businesses.  It has always been among the three most intelligent cities of Brazil in the Connected Smart Cities ranking and was placed between the six smarter cities in the world at the World Smart Cities Award in 2019. In September 2020, Curitiba won the Wellbeing Cities Award, in the event from NewCities and Novo Nordisk, Canada, with the case Vale do Pinhão (Pinhão Valley). Building a vibrant economy. Vale do Pinhão ( ) is a movement of the innovation ecosystem to transform Curitiba into a reference of smart city and sustainability, developing innovative solutions in entrepreneurship, urban mobility, economy, health, education, and the environment


Is a modern, ecologic and sustainable city that constantly seeks solutions through innovation and technology, in important sectors, such as transport, security, infrastructure, mobility, health, education, energy, using the resources wisely. These are an essential criteria for attracting business development, creative economy, sustainable development, and innovative technologies. In 2017, to improve the innovation within the city and engage the different stakeholders, the Curitiba City Hall launched the Vale do Pinhão, the global strategy of the city to promote Curitiba as a Smart City, strengthening the creative and technological economy and the ecosystem of innovation.


Notable skyline features include the Panoramic Tower, with an observatory on top. Known as a cultural center, Curitiba is home to a number of performance venues, including the Wire Opera House, a structure of tubular steel with a transparent roof, and the huge Teatro Guaira, with diverse programs.  ( )