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Our conference team I3E 2023 is led by professors, researchers from various continents with experience in digital technologies and artificial intelligence.

Prof. Marijn Janssen

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E-mail: M.F.W.H.A.Janssen@tudelft.nl

Bio: Prof.dr.ir. Marijn Janssen is holds the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek chair in “ICT and Governance” and is head of the Information and Communication Technology section of the Technology, Policy and Management Faculty of Delft University of Technology. He is also honorary visiting professor at Brunel University, London, and visiting professor at United Nations University (UNU).

His research is focussed on ICT-architecting in situations in which multiple public and private organizations need to collaborate, in which ICT plays an enabling role, there are various ways to proceed, and socio-technical solutions are constrained by organizational realities and political wishes. ICT-architecting provides principles, patterns and other instruments to guide organizations to design their infrastructure, applications, information, processes and organizations. The landscape is fundamentally changing due to current technology developments like cloud-computing, Software as a Service, blockchain, semantic services, big and open linked data (BOLD) and policy developments like open data and open government. These developments challenge the traditional relationship between governments and the public and new forms of governance are emerging.

Prof. Luiz Pinheiro

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E-mail: luiz.junior@up.edu.br

Bio: PhD in Business Administration with expertise research in Management Information Systems (MIS), Digital Transformation (DT) and Artificial Intelligence. Assistant Professor in Business School at Positivo University in tracks/courses: Digital Business and Quantitative Methods. Conferencist in Information Systems (IS) and Reviser in Conferences and Journals in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

Prof. Ricardo Matheus

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E-mail: R.Matheus@tudelft.nl

Bio: PhD Candidate at TUDelft. Currently works with Big and Open Linked Data (BOLD) being part of OpenGovIntelligence Consortium funded by the Horizon 2020 (www.opengovintelligence.eu/). Former data analyst at Rio de Janeiro City Hall (2013-2015). Helped to improve some Big Data processes of the IBM Operation Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (http://goo.gl/biYnTx). Worked on "Opening the Cities: Open Government Data in Local Governments of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay" – (http://goo.gl/s1vgCq)